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The Bernard Suess Funeral Home of Perkasie and the Sadler-Suess Funeral Home of Telford have a long history of serving their respective communities, and although the joining of the two firms was the result of the sudden and untimely passing of David R. Sadler, it was a fitting progression of that history.

The Bernard Suess Funeral Home was founded in 1919 by Robert A. Benner and was then known as the Benner Funeral Home. In 1960, Bernard Suess, "Bernie" and his wife Joan purchased the business and for a short time it was known as the Benner and Suess Funeral Home, then became the Bernard Suess Funeral Home as it is known today. In 1999, Bernie and Joan decided that after 40 years of serving the Pennridge Community, it was time to slow down. In August of that year, Jeffrey and Annette Gahman purchased the funeral home. Jeff started working for Bernie in 1990 and became a licensed director in 1993. He worked under Bernie for nearly ten years before taking over the reigns. Prior to Jeff, there had been a few others who worked for Bernie, among them was David R. Sadler. After graduating in 1977, David started working under Bernie while serving his internship. He was then licensed in 1979, and worked for Bernie until 1984.

The Sadler-Suess Funeral Home originally started in the 1800's, and in 1944, was purchased by Virgil Sommers, and became the Sommers Funeral Home. After 40 years of serving Telford the time came for Virgil to retire. This is when David and his wife Rebecca, moved to Telford, and in 1985 purchased the funeral home. For a short time it was known as the Sommers-Sadler Funeral Home before being renamed in 1996 as the David R. Sadler Funeral Home.

Shortly after Jeff purchased the Suess Funeral Home in 1999, he hired Stephen Reutlinger for part-time help. Over the next couple of years, the part-time work became full-time, eventually leading Steve to go back to school to earn his funeral service degree and funeral director's license. In August of 2003, after serving his internship under Jeff and Bernie, Steve received his Funeral Director's License.

In the summer of 2002, David was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, and passed away in October, 2002. Even through his illness, David's main concern was that the funeral home continued in its long tradition. After David's death, Jeff and Steve came to Telford to help Becky keep the funeral home operating. It was this that led to the joining of the funeral homes, as they are today. With David, Jeff and Steve all learning from Bernie, it was natural to make the relationship permanent. In August of 2003, the process was finalized, and the David R. Sadler Funeral Home became the Sadler-Suess Funeral Home.

In May of 2012, Wendell Waddell joined the team and was name the supervisor of the Sadler-Suess Funeral Home.  Wendell grew up in the Souderton area and was a 1983 graduate of Souderton High School. 

Today, Jeff and Annette, Wendell and his wife Audrey, Bernie and Joan, Becky Sadler and the entire funeral home staff are committed to providing the highest degree of service to the Pennridge and Indian Valley Communities. Rest assured that the two funeral homes will be there 24 hours-a-day to serve you and your family in your time of need.

Bernard Suess Funeral Home
606 Arch Street
Perkasie, PA 18944

Sadler Suess Funeral Home
33 North Main Street
Telford, PA 18969